Full-service for everyone already established in France!
Inter-France offers a complete package of service for buyers of real estate as well as for those already settled in France, by this we mean amongst others:

  • Legal assistance and advice in all matters that arise.
  • Obtaining a mortgage
  • Financing and contacts with banks
  • Insurances
  • Tax consultancy for individuals and businesses
  • Tax declarations
  • Social insurances, child allowance, health insurance
  • Set up of business administration, contacts and accountants
  • Bookkeeping, set up of annual account
  • Establishment of limited company, set up of charter
  • Contact with authorities
  • Car import
  • Application construction licence
  • Provision of publicity for your company and the set up of your own website
  • Market research and advice concerning business policies for campsites and holiday parks
  • Short practical trainings for (starting) entrepreneurs
  • Provision of French language correspondence, written or spoken (telephone)
  • Translation service for all French and Dutch language texts and documents

In short, you can always come to us for all types of advice, by conflicts and legal procedures, for questions concerning forms and contracts, and also good advice or help by formalities or small daily problems.

Fees are calculated on the basis of a reasonable hourly rate or a previously agreed amount.

We are happy to be at your service!