Purchasing or starting a business in France

Purchasing or starting a business

Legislation for taking over companies in France is also different from England and it can present unpleasant surprises to the inexperienced buyer. By calling on our expertise you can prevent problems, both before and after the conveyance of your purchase in France.

Our expertise

The team at Inter-France has years of experience in the area of take-overs of small and medium sized companies in France. We have successfully guided many Dutch and English people on their way to a new future in another country when they have chosen to set up or purchase their own company.

In addition to broad knowledge and wide experience concerning all legal aspects, Inter-France offers you all the expertise required for specialist items such as starting a company in France, purchasing a "Fonds de Commerce", lease agreements, checking accounts, taking over or starting up a limited company, fiscal advice, how to obtain finance, setting up an administration.

We can advise you about contacts with the authorities, banks and insurance companies and also of formalities and obligations associated with running a business in France.

Legal advice

The strength of Inter-France lies in its unique approach, with a consultation point in the Netherlands, but your own lawyer in France performs the legal work. In many cases we choose to work in co-operation with a lawyer registered in France.

The opportunity to represent your interests, from a practice established in France if required, guarantees high quality and the necessary effectiveness.

Your own notary or lawyer

In France, a notary often represents the selling party. Therefore it is not unusual for the purchaser to engage his own notary. This is one of the strengths of the Inter-France approach. Your own lawyer or notary represents your best interests on the spot.

Limited costs

Naturally we expect payment for our assistance, but practice has shown that our expertise on its own is more than earned back, often in the form of a substantial saving on the purchase price and also because unpleasant (and expensive) surprises are avoided.

Legal assistance

You can also call on our expertise in a conflict situation or unjustness concerning your possessions or interests in France. Our efficient working will prevent unnecessary costs and loss of time.

When should you call in Inter-France?

As early as possible! Never sign a document without first getting good advice. Even a sympathetic property agent is working for the sellers and it is not his task to represent your interests. Avoid problems by calling in our expertise immediately after you have found a suitable business property and before you enter negotiations, we can also help you save considerate amounts with these!

A selection of our services:

  • Negotiating with the property agent, intermediary or directly with the seller;
  • Assessments, structural inspection, acquisition inspection;
  • Checking and discussing contracts, documents, annual reports and accounts, forms, deeds etc. with you;
  • Engaging and taking care of all contact with the selling party, the notaries with your own jurist, who we involve in the transaction to solely represent the interest of the purchaser;
  • Act as consultant for financial applications and contact with the accountants involved in the take-over;
  • Supplying advice on drawing up a business plan;
  • Coordinating fiscal, legal or accountantís investigations of company activities, structural surveys of real estate, investigation into the possible presence of lead, asbestos, termites and other pests, soil analysis, drinking water analysis, control of electrical installation and much more;
  • Practical concerns such as insurance, connection of utilities, telephone, internet etc.

More information?

Please contact us for further information or personal advice.

Please do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to be of service!

Free advice!

To receive advice on an actual situation, send us your question. We will then, at no cost, give you our view of a solution or steps to be taken. We prefer to receive questions by e-mail info@interfrance.nl.

Feel free to tell us about your situation or problem. The initial advice is without obligation. You can also use our contactform.