Purchasing private property in France

Legislation in France is not the same as in England, and it can present unpleasant surprises to the inexperienced buyer. By calling on our expertise you can prevent problems, both before and after the conveyance of your purchase in France. Moreover we act as your own purchasing broker, who can realize the best possible price and conditions in your name!

Why Inter-France?

The strength of Inter-France lies in its unique approach. There is a consultation location in the Netherlands, but your own lawyer in France carries out the legal work. Much of the business can be handled from the Netherlands without problems, but in certain cases we choose to work in co-operation with a French registered lawyer. This Inter-France manner of working with partners in the Netherlands and France guarantees high quality and, if required, decisive operation when representing your interests.

Your own notary

In France, a notary often advises the selling party. Therefore it is not unusual, and often very important for the purchaser to engage his own notary. Inter-France will ensure that in most cases you have the services of your own notary next to those of your own broker, at no extra cost.

Limited costs

Naturally we expect to be paid for our assistance, but practice has shown that our expertise more than earns its cost back, in the form of a substantial saving on the purchase price and acquisition costs and, of course, because unpleasant (and expensive) surprises are avoided. You will experience a considerable amount of savings with Inter-France as your purchasing agent!

Legal assistance

You can also call on our expertise in a conflict situation or unjustness concerning your possessions or interests in France. Our efficient service will prevent unnecessary costs and loss of time.

A selection of our services:

  • Negotiation of price and conditions with the property agent, intermediary or directly with the seller;
  • Value assessment, constructional inspection;
  • Engagement and dealing with all contact with the selling party, broker, the notaries, and all other involved parties;
  • Checking and discussing contracts, documents, forms, deeds etc. with you;
  • Applications for financing;
  • Coordination of a structural survey, investigation into the possible presence of lead, asbestos, termites and other pests, energy usage, natural risks, soil analyses, control of electrical and gas installations, drinking water analysis and much more;
  • Practical concerns such as insurance, connection of utilities, telephone, internet etc.

When should you call in Inter-France?

As early as possible! Never sign a document without first getting good advice. Even a sympathetic property agent is working for the sellers and it is not his task to represent your interests. Avoid problems by calling in our expertise immediately after you have found a suitable property and before you enter negotiations, we can also help you save considerate amounts with these!

More information?

Please contact us for further information or personal advice.

Please do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to be of service!

Free advice!

To receive advice on an actual situation, send us your question. We will then, at no cost, give you our view of a solution or steps to be taken. We prefer to receive questions by e-mail info@interfrance.nl.

Feel free to tell us about your situation or problem. The initial advice is without obligation. You can also use our contactform.