Valuation or building survey

Knowing what you buy, or what you own.

Everybody knows how important it is to get a good view on the building condition of the house you want to buy. In addition, if you have an objective opinion regarding the value of your "dream" house, you can make a conscious choice in buying the house of your dreams. But even if you already own a house in France, you may want to have a valuation report, for example in the context of a financing application, ownership distribution or inheritance issue. Inter-France can assist you with a team of experts, who will be available to help you all over France.


Everybody  knows that the asking price of a house is not always a correct representation of the value. With regard to this we offer you a choice of two forms of valuation:

1. Extensive expertise and valuation report
A qualified expert or "expert immobilier" will pay an extensive visit to the object and he will also conduct in-depth investigations into all factors that may affect the value of a property. For example, the expert will explore the existence of building projects in the immediate vicinity and investigate the existence of inheritance services or third-party rights and other matters that may hinder the free use or acquisition of property. In addition attention is paid to important matters as zoning plan, road construction projects, the existence of environmental hazards and building plans for wind turbines, industry, TGV lines, quarries, garbage disposal sites, nuclear power stations or other circumstances that can cause nuisance and depreciation. In addition research is being carried out at the land register, the register of mortgages, the municipality, the county and other government institutions. Then the expert will provide a detailed report with a detailed presentation and valuation of the property. The report decides by a valuation methodology, according to different methods, which clearly underlines the way in which it has been established. This extensive form of assessment and expertise is indispensable in situations such as getting a mortgage, divorce and property distribution, inheritance issues or legal process. The property valuation may differ from a real estate agent's appraisal or from an actual purchase price.

2. Value indication with building survey
A cheaper and sometimes useful alternative is possible if combined with a building survey, which reduces the additional costs of valuation, but the validity is not equivalent to that of extensive expertise. Based on the building survey of the property and local market research, an indicative valuation is given in compact form. In the context of a purchase negotiation this will be indispensable information, by which you will be certain to know for what price you will make a sensible purchase.

Building Survey

we provide an constructional inspection or building survey throughout the whole of France within a short period of time. The building surveys are carried out by a team of recognised architects, who do precise research into constructional deficiencies or threatening renovation costs, and also essential concerns such as the state of the roof, woodwork, walls and floors, the quality of the electrical installation, heating, sewerage, and many other points of consideration. Shortly after the inspectional visit you receive a clear and integral report of all the findings of the experts, what is also included is in which period of time which reparation work is necessary.

Do you need a valuation?

If you are in one of the following situations, a reliable expert can be of service to you:

  • I want to buy a house in France
  • I intend to sell my property in France
  • I want to get a mortgage
  • I want to take over a business
  • I am in the middle of a divorce
  • I am an heir in a legacy or beneficiary of a donation
  • I want to know the value of a property for another reason

Do you want to know what you buy or what you own?

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We provide comprehensive valuations and building surveys within a reasonable time, so you can get a good insight into the value and/or construction state of your current or future property.

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