"Arno is a great real estate agent to work with. He has plenty connections and knows his business very well. He did a great job for us, he is very personable and makes a very good deal. He knows his way around in France and is trustworthy, creative and works with great results."
Tascha Schanstra

"Arno helped me to find a Camping in France. In this job he was perfect fast reacting and profesional.To find out if his client realy want to own a camping Arno has to improve (at that time) For me I am very happy it did not work out with a camping in France (nothing to do with Arno) and have now a Boutique Hoetel In Greece. A camping would have been a mistake for me."
Rene Beers

"Arno Voogd's help was very appreciated. Without his help we probably didn't make our move to france. He just helped and gave trust at the right moments. Now with his help we are very happy in France and it is a great adventure"
Rolf Kauffeld, owner Camping Les Chelles

"Arno Voogd has a professional and transparent way of doing business. He is well known in France, is customer friendly, pay attention to the details. He brings things to a successful conclusion. I can heartily recommend it to you."
Carel Fikkert, Director ownership, Makelaardij Noordbarge

"Arno Voogd is an expert , punctual ,reliable and detailed. In 2005 he saved me from buying an old farmhouse in France too enthusiastic, by keeping me with two feet on the ground with professional advice he saved me a lot of money. Thanks for that!"
Ben van Vliet, Managing Director