Your own purchase broker

Always take your own broker with you, also in France, or actually especially in France!

What your purchase broker does for you:

  1. They provide a purchasing inspection of the house that you have your eye on
  2. They assess the asking price and the market value
  3. They negotiate in your name with the seller or their broker over the selling price
  4. They defend exclusively your interests in doing so
  5. They accompany or represent you in the contract phase, providing all contacts with the notary, controlling the provisional purchase contract, are up to date on the legal aspects of contracts and documents that of the greatest importance to you, and explain them

Above all they will be of service to you in the acquisition of appropriate funding, assistance in all sorts of practical matters such as insurance connection of public utilities, telephone, internet etc.


Our prices, the tariffs related to the asking price, are comparable to those administered by the NVM-brokers in The Netherlands. contact us for an interesting offer.

And yes, you understand that you could do with the use of such a good specialist, besides a good purchase broker always earns his percentage back!

Inter-France will act as your broker throughout France. Have you found a house? Contact us us for more information!

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