Your mortgage in France

Application of your mortgage

As well as the consultancy concerning your purchase in France, Inter-France also provides a service for the application of your mortgage. We have a vast network of business relations including financial institutions in France in order to offer you appropriate funding.

For those who keep residency in the Netherlands or Dutch income, or if your purchase in France is a holiday or secondary home, Inter-France can offer an outstanding form of financing:
De Frankrijk-Hypotheek®. For those who permanently establish themselves in France (and who have no financial ties with The Netherlands), we will mostly approach one or more French banks.

Inter-France maintains contact with Dutch as well as French mortgage suppliers but also supplies financial applications through local banks chosen by our business relations.

Once you have found an appropriate property, you can apply for a mortgage tender.

Mortgage tender

You can apply for a mortgage-tender online. This form consists of several pages. Questions that should be answered in all cases are marked with a star (*).

Personal details applicant

Your name is required.
Your address is required.
Your postal code is required.
Your town is required.
Your country is required.
Your nationality is required.
Your telephone is required.
Your date of birth is required.
Your marital status is required.
Your profession is required.

Personal details co-applicant

details real estate

The type of property is required.
The town of the property is required.
The address of the property is required.
The department of the property is required.
The purchase price is required.
The purchaser's costs are required.

The date of transfer is required.


The amount of own capital is required.
The origin is required.
The applied for funding is required.
The preffered form of mortgage is required.

own house (only of importance if your application concerns a 2nd property)

financial situation applicant

financial situation co-applicant

personal obligations applicant

personal obligations co-applicant

general obligations applicant

general obligations co-applicant